Main Services


SALSADIL is well equipped and organised to handle projects involving site clearing, earthworks, slope protections, etc which would enable future utilisation of the developed land. The company has adequate machinery and technical competence to deal with such projects and has successfully completed several in the past.


SALSADIL has completed several infrastructural development projects beneficial to the public like sewerage treatment plants and pipe lines, water tanks and pipe works, drainage works, roads, car parks, electrical substations, playground & sports facilities, solar power plant, transmission towers, etc. The company has expertise to handle issues related to such projects to enable optimal benefits to the users.


SALSADIL has been involved in many projects where the rehabilitation of building was needed as the deterioration of the structure happened either due to inadequate constructional quality, weather, marine action or natural calamities. The company has worked closely with consultants in strengthening the structure in order to enhance the life of the buildings.


SALSADIL has constructed buildings of varied nature like residential houses, high-end bungalows, schools and colleges, institutional office and operational buildings, warehouses, mosques, etc. The company has received appreciation for the excellence in completing a qualitative product in a timely manner.


SALSADIL has handled several projects where it was required to plan, design and execute the project to the requirements of the clients or end users. The company shared with the clients its technical expertise and management skills to develop an appreciable product.